This is the simple, unfancy, webpage for:

Temple Benjamin

The Jewish synagogue of

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

For e-mail updates, please send a note to us via the contact option below.

We welcome the extended Jewish community of Central Michigan to join us.

We have no membership or ticket requirement
but please contact us in advance.
Donations are appreciated.

Given the spread out nature of our small, but highly enthusiastic membership, and Michigan weather, we don't have a specific schedule for services.
To receive an update, please kick a note to our contact e-mail address listed below. Thank you

Special notes:

We have additional information on Facebook.
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Related Jewish org. info:

Our eastern neighbors over at Temple Beth El in Midland, MI,
hold their services on alternate Fridays.

Their phone number (v-mail): (989) 496-6313

Our southern neighbors over at Shaarey Zedek in East Lansing,
hold weekly services on Friday eve and Saturday.

Their phone number is: (517) 351-3570.
To get to their webpage, please click: here

(the url is:

USPS (mailing) address:

Central Michigan Jewish Community Association
Temple Benjamin
Post Office Box 246
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804

our phone number (voice-mail): 989-773-5086

to contact us via e-mail, please click: here

(the e-mail address is: